Small Vigina Pic Galleries What Kind Of Infection Do I Have If My Vigina Has A Small Ouder Coming From It?

What kind of infection do i have if my vigina has a small ouder coming from it? - small vigina pic galleries

To .. Sometimes it is normal. But if you think it is a horrible smell test, shock in a way. Going to the doctor if you see something like the image of the source. They are animated, so do not have the RAW images to make.


Anonymous said...

Vaginal odor may be of natural hormones and infections caused by fungi or bacteria. If you can white discharge with a mild smell of a yeast (fungus) infections. If a person makes a strong smell and is yellow or green discharge, is usually a bacterial infection. Consult a doctor.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you have a yeast infection. Go and check your gynecologist immediately.

Anonymous said...

when a solid foam, such as baking soda in a glass of warm water not dissolved yeast. other wise it can bacterial or bladder (urinary tract).

Anonymous said...

This can be any STI or bacterial infection

Jump to doctors

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